But the Lord God helps me; therefore I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be put to shame.  Isaiah 50:7 (ESV)

LFR Show 44

Nov 21, 2015

Pastor Mukunda Sharma, Chair/Founder of Transformation Nepal (TFN). Pastor Mukunda joins GK to discuss the recovery efforts in Nepal and to share some of his testimony about coming to Christ from Maoism and Hinduism. Pastor Mukunda has expertise in Finance, Administration, coordination, Networking, Disaster Risk Management, pastoral care and counseling, and uses these skills in the distribution of aid, and the larger task of the recovery and transformation of Nepal. 

TFN has been working in the sector of Disaster Risks Reduction and Humanitarian sector since it’s establishment. TFN has been providing trainings, organising seminars and workshops on disaster risks reduction. It has also been responding to natural disasters such as flood and landslides with humanitarian aids.TFN has been more actively involved in Humanitarian Response after the Nepal Mega Earthquake (7.8 Richter Scale). With the support of individuals and donor organizations such as Lutheran World Federation, Amity Foundation, Fida International, SIL International, Tearfund UK  and Asia Focus Australia and local churches.

TFN has provided:

  • Relief support to more than 5,000 families in 12 districts.
  • Temporary shelters support to 966 families in two districts.

Further, TFN has been working with supporting partners, communities and families to provide temporary homes, livelihood, education and other rehabilitation supports to the Earthquake affected families in Nepal.



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