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In this episode we have special guest Nathan Noyes come on to the show to discuss the impact of the KJV on the English language. | More

Date: 14 February 2022 | Download Show


This episode examines vignettes from the life of King James from the time of the publication of the Bible until his death. A farewell to the King. | More

Date: 07 June 2017 | Download Show


This episode examines three important points in the development of the King James Bible. The dedication, the preface and the Royal Printer. | More

Date: 12 April 2017 | Download Show


In this episode we tackle the final review and editing stages. There were three. Yes, three more stages before the work went to the printers. One of them was not planned. Well not officially. | More

Date: 14 March 2017 | Download Show


In this episode we examine the translators of the Epistles of the New Testament. We meet the final members of the 2nd Westminster Company. This is the final episode to deal with the ‘ordinary’ panels. | More

Date: 13 February 2017 | Download Show


In this episode we examine the translators of the Epistles of the New Testament. Part of our study demonstrates just how much this panel relied on previous English versions of the Bible, especially the Bishop’s Bible. We also examine the Episcopal influence exerted both over and by one of its members in particular. | More

Date: 05 December 2016 | Download Show


In this episode we continue our examination of the translators of The Gospels, Acts and the Book of Revelation, The Second Oxford Company. We meet the “most learned man in the day” as well as the only translator to be charged with homicide, an issue that created a great rift in ecclesiastical circles. | More

Date: 05 November 2016 | Download Show


In this episode we meet the translators of The Gospels, Acts and the Book of Revelation, The Second Oxford Company. This panel included the most handsome translator (isn’t that something?) and a translator who committed accidental homicide sparking an enquiry with major ecclesiastical ramifications.  These are just a couple of interesting highlights of this most interesting, but not the most friendly,  group of men who translated the Bible for the king. | More

Date: 26 September 2016 | Download Show


In this episode we meet the translators of the Apocrypha, The Second Cambridge Company. These are the most interesting group of translators I have encountered so far. One of the members wanted to send a petrified skull to King James, another was the only to be paid directly by the crown. These are just a couple of interesting highlights of this most interesting group of men who translated the Bible, for the king. | More

Date: 06 September 2016 | Download Show


In Episode 14, we present our very first interview, a discussion concerning the Apocrypha with our very special guest, Dr Mike Spaulding.  In Episode 15 will examine the translators of the Apocrypha so before we present that I thought it might be of benefit to discuss just what the Apocrypha is, why it was included in the KJV, what King James thought of it and why it was later excluded. | More

Date: 18 August 2016 | Download Show


In Episode 13, we take a break from examining the translators and visit King James himself and what he was doing during the translation years which spanned 1604 – 1611. James’ battle with the Catholic church on the continent explodes after the “Oath of Allegiance” is passed by Parliament. However, unlike other battles of the era, this is a war of words and sometimes, words hurt.   | More

Date: 3 August 2016 | Download Show


Continuing from Episode 11, this is Part B of the First Oxford Company – the KJV translators who were responsible for translating from Isaiah to Malachi. | More

Date: 17 June 2016 | Download Show  


This is Part A of a two part series on the First Oxford Company whose job it was to translate from the book of Isaiah to Malachi. We discuss some of the greatest minds among the translators, one of them so well verse in antique languages, he rivals the skills of the grant Lancelot Andrewes himself! | More

Date: 2 June 2016 | Download Show


Meet the translators of the First Cambridge Company whose job it was to translate 1 Chronicles to the Song of Solomon. | More

Date: 20 May 2016 | Download Show


A History of the King James Bible Podcast Episode 9 : The First Westminster Company. | More

Date: 01 May 2016 | Download Show


Episode 8 looks at the rules that were given to the translators as approved by King James. | More

Date: 14 April 2016 | Download Show


In this episode, James convenes a conference so that the Puritans can air their grievances about the state of the church in England. What does the Geneva Bible have to do with any of this you may ask? You’ll have to listen to find out! | More

Date: 14 March 2016 | Download Show


“The Trew Religion.”  James had strong views about his religion and he had strong views about the religion of others. This episode explores James’ views of the “trew religion.” | More

Date: 24 February 2016 | Download Show


Episode 5 of A History of the King James Bible Podcast looks at James’ accession to the throne, his political style, the Millinery Petition and its impact on the development of the new Bible, and finally, the Gunpowder plot. | More

Date: 19 February 2016 | Download Show


This episode examines King James’ relationship with the Catholic Church, the plot to overthrow Elizabeth I, and the question of how to raise his children. | More

Date: 9 January 2016 | Download Show


Plots, counter-plots, ciphers, beheading, witches and demons – this episode has them all! | More

Date: 19 January 2016 | Download Show


In this episode we discuss James, the Godly prince and review James’ life as a child. His father is murdered, his mother is exiled and he becomes king. | More

Date: 17 December 2015 | Download Show


This is the very first episode of GK’s “A History of the King James Bible”! In this episode we jump straight into the history of the Stuart Monarchs, beginning with the legend before we get to some facts. Part of our exploration of the legend will include some Shakespearean drama, for which we have recruited some very fine actors. | More

Date: 1 December 2015 | Download Show